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"the best opening act we've ever had!"


- Marshall Tucker -

J.B. Kline is a solid, seasoned performer with over 40 years of steady playing under his belt. Starting with local New Jersey bands whose members would go on to play with Bruce Springsteen and Patti LaBelle, Jeff moved to N.Y.C. and performed with such noted acts as the Drifters, Chuck Berry, Solomon Burke, the Crystals, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley, the Marvellettes, George Thorogood, and even the Beach Boys! Recently J.B. Kline has performed with Marshall Tucker, ("the best opening act we've ever had!" -Marshall Tucker), Shannon McNally, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Rick Derringer, Guitar Shorty, Johnny Winter, and B.B. King.


J.B. Kline has focused in on his roots, which are R&B, and blues based music.  His CDs, "Music Mountain" and "Belvidere Line", all feature music, mostly self-penned, all in that vein. His 3rd CD, "All Of Your Love" is a passionate and emotional journey unto J.B.'s musical world.  His long awaited 4th and 5th CD, "Makin' The Deal Go Down"  and
"Acoustic Sensibility" are here!


J.B. worked hard and long to try and produce sounds to equal his heralded early efforts, and we think he has done it!!

J.B. Kline has been known to say, "I'd rather squeeze a pound of soul into 1 note, than to play 250 notes! You’ve gotta feel it or it don’t mean nothin’ at all.” As anyone who’s been to one of his performances can tell you, J.B. Kline definitely “feels it” when he is singing and playing his guitar -- and you can feel it too! His stark emotional style of music takes him, and you, to exciting, almost orgasmic places. J.B. Kline is worth seeing, hearing and feeling!

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