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"Acoustic Sensibility" is an album of songs that takes a little bit different direction !! Every tune is 100% done with acoustic instruments and vocals... And this album contains some of J.B.'s BEST recordings. and features his best musical accomplices ...Ed Wall, Kevin Joy, Dave Homan,
Laurie Vosburg, Sandy Zio, and surprise addition, Dan Kassel on cello !!! 
Containing some of J.B.'s most heartfelt songs, either self-penned or written by other noted songwriters... this album contains "A Summer Night In Old Lambertville", "Tell It Like It Is", "That's How Strong My Love Is", and more. "Acoustic Sensibility" is one of his best..... in a little more mellow style. We guarantee you will love it !!!

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J.B. worked hard and long to try and produce sounds to equal his heralded early efforts, and we think he has done it!
Like his previous CDs, this one contains songs with an assortment of feels and styles... with R&B, Blues, NJ Rock,
and Country being his most obvious influences. The title cut of "Making the Deal Go Down" is a solid, show stopping
dance cut, with lyric references to his early days growing up in Lambertville, NJ. In fact, another one,
"A Summer Night (In Old Lambertville)" is dedicated to his home town. "Dress Of Faded Red" is about women
of the 
night he knew while living in NYC. In addition, "I Have His Guitar" is for an old lost friend and a new one!!





J.B. Kline's second album release..."BELVIDERE LINE" absolutely contains some of his best material!! The title track
is written about the old train that used to run through J.B.'s home town Lambertville NJ. Also on the album
are "Carolina Angel" andthe surprise favorite cut, "Fool To Make You Cry"! 
Also you will hear "Midnight Move"
penned by Chris Chadwick, which is a live favorite, and nine more soulful tunes! This album has a more live
feel in general, and more reflects J.B. Kline's stage show than his previous effort Music Mountain, which is more acoustic. 
"Absolutely one of the best CDs we've heard this year!" ...Philadelphia Gazette
"Dynamite...I got some more respect for the J.B. Kline Band" ...You Tube These are a sample of some
of the comments this release has generated!! Absolutely sure you will like it too... See you on the Belvidere Line!!




The cover of the "Music Mountain" album, pictures the famous Lambertville Music Circus. From it's location on
Music Mountain, Lambertville, N.J., there emanated some of the greatest music and entertainment the area
has ever experienced! As a boy, J.B. Kline spent a lot of time there. Friends with the owner, he hung backstage
with artists such as B.B. King, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Butterfield.  Music Mountain was, and is, a magical place!


J.B. Kline (Vocals & Guitars)
Steve Guyger (Harmonica)
Ed Wall (Keyboards)
Al Snyder (Drums)
Benj Janyszeski (Bass Guitar)
Kevin Joy (Bass Guitar, Background Vocals & Producer)

Laurie Vosburg (Background Vocals)
Sandy Zio (Background Vocals)
.B. Davis (Engineer)Tim Mulhern (Producer #4)
Art Steinmark (Producer #10)
Don Becker (Cover Design & Photos)




With the "ALL OF YOUR LOVE" CD, J.B. Kline reaches deep into his emotional pocket and pulls out all the stops!
Besides J.B. on guitars, the album features Ed Wall on keyboards, Kevin Joy on bass, Bobby Boom Boom on drums,
Ralph Liberto on sax, plus other top musicians and singers, all listed below!! "This album is his most soulful so far,
and we feel it contains some of his best writing!" -Phila. Gazette

The title track is a superior rocker, and a crowd favorite... Along w/ some top grade soul tunes
("Things That People Say", etc.), a great song about the river (Down By The River, Along The Canal)
penned by Jerry Fiess, some deep blues, a Lucinda Williams favorite, and six more, this album is packed with punch!
The listener is carried along on a heartfelt and passionate ride from beginning to end!!

The "All Of Your Love" album takes a firm grip on where J.B. Kline's music is coming from, where it is going, and
most importantly, where it is now!! It gives you a good look into J.B.'s head, and a great look at the talented
people working with him! Gotta have "All Of Your Love"!!


Vocals/Guitars: J.B. Kline
Keyboards: Ed Wall
  Kevin Joy
  Dallas Hosey (9)
  Bobby Boom Boom Einreinhoffer (2,5)
  Steve Schupsky (1,6,8)
  Will Hosey (9,10)
Tenor Sax: Ralph Liberto
Baritone Sax: Steve Kaplan
Trumpet: John Ashcraft
  Steve Guyger
  John Stein (3)
Violin: Travis Wetzel
Percussion: Chuggy Carter
Background Vocals:
  Jeannie Brooks
  Carol Brooks
  Ed Wall
  Kevin Joy
Producer: Kevin Joy
Chief Engineer: Joe Hosey
Assoc. Engineers:
  Phil Nelson
  Jesse Baccus
Recorded at River Recording, Lambertville N.J.
Mixed & Mastered at Null Sette Studio by Kevin Joy and John Davis
Cover Photo: Stephen Brown
Other photos:
  Joseph Schembri
  Bob DeJessa
  Jeffrey Apoian
Album Design & Graphics by Donald L. Becker, Sr.


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