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Music Store

New & Vintage Musical Instruments

Open Tuesday thru Sunday.  12-5 pm

Possibly the most exotic music store
on the East Coast, J.B. Kline & Son
offers fine vintage acoustic and electric guitars and amps, as well as other stringed instruments, including violins, mandolins, basses, banjos and ukeleles.
We also carry a wide selection of new instruments, strings and accessories, along with some horns, percussion
and many other curious musical
items sure to pique your interest.
Need a gypsy cymballum, conga,
tiple, charango? Call J. B Kline! 
Still haven't found the perfect '50s vintage Strat? We might have that too. 

Also at J.B. Kline's is our renowned
repair department! We offer the
FINEST in stringed instrument (electric and acoustic), violins, cellos, basses, mandolins,
banjos, and other stringed instruments. Our luthier department features
Tom Blatz (one of the finest repairmen and builders in the country), along
with excellent luthiers Joe Hosey
and Sam Gilmore!!

And we will be glad to examine your instrument, talk with you about work
that needs to be done, give you a fair price, and do the work with the finest
of attention!

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